About Spot 46

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Spot 46 is the best place to go in the Haaglanden area for free information and advice about working (healthily) in the sex industry. Spot 46 is an initiative by the The Hague municipality and its aim is to improve the position of sex workers.

What does Spot 46 have to offer?

Information and advice about work opportunities as a sex worker, also for beginners:

  • answers to questions about work place situations, safety, standing up for yourself etc.
  • career development within or outside your expertise (quitting sex work)
  • personal advice by a coach and/or work shops

Information and advice about working safely and healthily:

  • answers to questions about sexuality, (safe) sex techniques, contraceptives, etc.
  • ¬†the Centre for Sexual Health (Centrum Seksuele Gezondheid, CSG Haaglanden) runs a walk-in clinic for free and confidential STD tests, free hepatitis B vaccinations, information about contraceptives and any prescriptions, morning-after pill and/or pregnancy test. For our accessibility and current opening hours click here.

Information and advice about money and practical matters:

  • answers to questions about bookkeeping/ accountant, social benefits, debts, insurances, employment law, permanent residency, etc.
  • Legal Consultation Hour by telephone, where you can ask information and/or advice from a legal expert/ lawyer for free. Please contact Spot 46.
  • You can request a free appointment with an accountant. Please contact Spot 46.
How does it work?
Spot 46 employs social workers who speak various languages. They have a lot of experience in coaching, support work and providing information and advice to sex workers. You are free to contact them without any obligations. With your permission we can put you in contact with various organizations such as the regional STD centre (Regionaal soa-centrum), SHOP, Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel), tax authorities (Belastingdienst), police, accountants and/or lawyers.
If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us. Click here to contact us! Please take a look at our consultation hours!